Activity Report 2017

Bulverde Senior Center
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2017 Activity Report

During 2017, the Bulverde Senior Center experienced a great deal of growth in membership, activity participation, nutrition program, volunteers and outreach services.

In 2017, 14,142 meals were served to 104 unduplicated clients. This was an increase in clients of 14% and increase in meals of 10%. Services to the homebound included a successful fan drive during the summer, transportation to doctor appointments/grocery stores, assistance with Social Security and Medicare issues, assistance with pets including food and veterinary care and all homebound clients received Christmas gifts following an effective gift drive. August 2017 Survey distributed to homebound clients showed a 90% positive feedback.

2017 Congregate Meals served were 2,855 to 150 unduplicated clients. Staff is considering menu changes and planning more activities that are scheduled around the meal times to encourage participation and member enjoyment. Christmas Potluck was so well liked and attended that it is planned to schedule quarterly themed potlucks where the center will provide the protein and the members bring sides and desserts.

As of 12/31/17, the Bulverde Senior Center had 679 members which is an increase of 9% over 2016 membership which was 619.

Overall program participation grew 10% during 2017. 527 unduplicated members participated in 2017 which is a 9% increase in member participation over 2016. 40% of 2017 participants utilized the fitness opportunities. Average survey rating on program activities was 9 out of 10. Most members want a pool. Surveys did not garner as much information as hoped. More specific evaluations/surveys will be used in the future. Two new fitness classes were added to the fitness program and an additional fitness class was added to 2018 schedule due to 2017 feedback. Other suggested activities and educational programs are to be introduced in 2018. The center has started networking with other centers to assess needs, coordinate efforts and share program ideas and resource strategies in order to better provide services and resources for area seniors.

The new bus continues to be utilized to transport those seniors without driving capabilities to/from the center for meals and activities. We currently average 10-14 riders per week. The service route includes 15 miles north of the center and 12 miles south. The bus is also utilized for day trip outings for members. There is usually has a waitlist due to limited seating for the day trips. In 2017, the first full year of providing service with the new bus, 30 unduplicated members rode the bus 705 times to/from the center and 35 unduplicated members rode the bus on 90 times on day trips.

The center could not provide services without the support of volunteers. 2017 volunteer hours logged were 9,951 by 142 volunteers. This is an increase over previous year of 5% in hours and 14% in volunteers. The center continues to actively recruit in order to grow outreach services and facilitate programming.

The center had significant staffing changes during 2017. Executive Director, Senior Outreach Services Coordinator, Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator and Bookkeeper resigned to allow more time with family. The Executive Director position was filled within by promoting the Director of Operations. Remaining positions were filled with well qualified applicants. Transition has been smooth although two positions remained unfilled until the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. All staff members embrace the service culture of the center's mission and work hard to care for area seniors.